Institute history

The 11 monthly curriculum for training the medium and high governing bodies of militarized fire safety units founded out in 1969 on 9-july in 9-unit of militarized fire safety unit in Sirg’ali region, Tashkent city.

In same year the 83 employees of sergeants personal entered to institute. The special status of “junior lieutenant” had been given graduators.

This curriculum in 1978 has organized as the Tashkent faculty of high technical engineering school of fire safety under the MIA of former Union.

Thus, the Tashkent educational institution of fire-technical founded out in 1985, the period of training was two years, which prepares the officer employees with the status of “lieutenant” for the fire safety units of the Republic of Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The high school adopted in the base of educational institution and faculty by the decision of the council of ministers in 11 august 1993 “The formation of the High technical school of fire safety under the MIA of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

By the edict of the president of the republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in 2017 10 April, about “the measures of increasing the effectiveness of the activities of internal affairs of ministry, the order of people, the right, to increase their responsibilities for providing the safety of the freedom and legal welfares of personalities”, the high technical school of fire safety renamed as “Fire Safety Institute”.

There are 2 educational buildings for 800 place, the medical service building for 100 place, the 4000 m2 football stadium, 2 volleyball pitches, the sport hall with every possibilities, the area of audience for 620 place, the canteen for 1000 place, 3 hostels, central tribune buildings, vehicle fleet, educational fire extinguishing unit, 3 floor bathhouse and domestic service builds.

Currently, the 2floor educational and cultural centers, 4floor new and modern educational-laboratories were building up.

The “informational resource center”, “law library”, “special library” and “electron library” consists of about 100.000 books, over 8000 educational books, and more than 2000 books on human rights and periodical issues, thus about 2000 books and periodical collections on lawfulness and human rights of the Republic of Uzbekistan were summarized.

Present day, Institute involves the education after higher-educational study leads activity, retraining and upgrading courses, high course of training the supervisors, also 9 sub departments, 

11 departments, 3 groups, 3 centers, the units of educational course systems, Medical and automobile services, educational fire extinguishing unit, security units which leads effective activities.

 Near the entrance of Institute was build picturesque fountain, as a respect for firefighters, installed the symbolic memorial of “courage” monument.

The Colonels S.Bekpulatov (1969-1972), M.Arslanov (1972-1976), V.Kosov (1978-1984), the General-major D.Kosimov (1984-1991), the Colonel A.Khudoev, (1991-1993), the General-major M.Sobirov, (1994-2010), the Colonel T.Najimov (2010-2012), the General-major A.Kuldoshev had served as a director, the Colonel N.Narmatov works as a director since july, 2018 year.

Especially, during 1991-2018 years more than 60 professor-teachers and employees was awarded with state medals.