About Institution


In the institution of higher education, since 1978 until 2018 7480 experts was graduated, from them 5486 completed full-time tuition and 1994 are the correspondence courses in file of “Fire safety”, “Radio engineering”, “IT”, “live safety”.

For last 10 years 3647 supervisors of high responsible and classified units upgraded their knowledge on fire safety direction.

Since 2017 the system of training the high-qualified employees established in several spheres such as “the establishing the spheres of industry and fire safety” specialty of the direction of “technical sphere safety”, “organizing the fire safety control and prophylactics” and “vocational training, service and organizing the fire extinguishing” specialties of the direction of “Fire safety”.

 In order to prepaire students for institute in fire safety specialty was established the groups from 26 learners in 15 professional colleges in our republic.


In present days, institute consists from 72 professors-teachers out of 252 employees from them 2 academic, 5 are scientific doctors and 14 PhDs.

Over the past years, the professor-teachers of institute published 250 textbooks, study guides, more than 10 monographs and over than 1000 scientific articles.

Over the past years, more than 30 inventions of scientists of institute patented over the past years and these inventions implemented in fire safety effective practice.

The scientific research of the scientists of institute “reducing the heat flow” and leaded to creation of screen “Sogda” which protects from high temperature nowadays considered popular in the world.

The scientific research works lead in 14 spheres by the bases of “development strategy of scientific research works on solving the problems for providing the fire safety in the republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2022 years”.

Since December 2017 institute publishes the scientific-technical journal “fire-explosive safety” which specialized for widely lightening the consultative the journal publishes in Russian and Uzbek languages.

The “Council of young scientists” and “Young inventors club” s established in order to attract to scientific activities the young professor-teachers and talanted cadets.


Institute pays special attention to provide the compliance the educational process with practice and the active participation of employees and cadets in “Fire prophylactic day”.

The cooperation established between departments of institute with different organizations, institutions and industrial fabrics.

For instance, the effective cooperation leads with  “ministry of emergency situations”, “Uzbek oil and gas”, “Uztransgas” stock companies, Navoiy mountain-mine enterprise, scientific research institutions of the Academy of Science, the Ministry of personal safety, the National University of Uzbekistan, the “INHA” university in Tashkent, the University of informational technology, the Institute of engineering of railways, the Institute of chemistry and technology, the Tashkent state university of techniques, the Tashkent state economical university, the Institute of architecture and building, the branch of Russian state university of oil and gas in the name of I.M.Gubkin, 3 centers of central authority of fire safety, Republican medical examination of court in name of  X.Sulaymanov.

The practical cooperation established with organizations such as “the automobile fabrics of Samarkand” and “MAN auto Uzbekistan”, “General Motors Power train Uzbekistan”, “CORN ALTEG”, “Biochemistry”, “the fabric of varnish paint”, “the fabric of cable”, “fat-and-oil industry”, “the Tashkent thermal energy station”.

Also institute pays a great attention for participation the cadets in the place of fire, provides the examination and prophylactic events.

 The walking trainings lead by the professor-teachers of institute in the different parts of Uzbekistan with the personal of fire safety service, industrial organizations and the heads of directions.


Present days, the Institute pays a great attention to effective development and cooperation with the scientific research centers and high educational institution of foreign countries such as Germany, France, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Byelorussia, and Kazakhstan.

For instance, the professor-teachers of institute practiced with rescues services of member countries of European Union, such as Germany, France, Poland and Austria, they take part in scientific practical conferences in such countries with their lectures.

Today, the memorandums signed with high educational and scientific research institutions. For instance, the state fire safety academy of the ministry of emergency situations of Russian Federation, the defense fire scientific research institute of Russia and “KOKSHETAU” technical institute of MIA of the republic of Kazakhstan.

The institute pays great attention for international relations in given directions such as:

  • establishing the practices and upgrading courses of young teachers of Institute in core high educational and scientific-research centers;
  • regularly leading the master-classes for professor-teachers and cadets by attracting the foreign experts;
  • inventing the innovative inventions and organizing events to attracting the foreign investments in order to organize these events;
  • establishing the educational methodological materials and educational programs, pedagogical technologies basely on international educational standards of leader foreign educational Institutions in education process.


The institute the popular to all over the world for training famous sportsmen. Especially, three employees of institute took part in world frame famous competition such as Olympic Games.

For instance, during past years the employees of institute, A.Bagdasarov, A.Tangriyev, Vladimir Shmakov became the world champions and champions of Olympic Games.

The M.Khudoykulov, A.Volodin, V,Siganov, A.Khabibulin, I.Bariev, N.Sharapov, J.Karimov, N.Kholmirzaev and U.Bolibekov deserved the “Champion of Uzbekistan”.

By organizing comfortable conditions, the institute pays special attention for physical and military readiness of cadets and employees.

 Today, the training groups lead active operations on 11 types of sport.

For instance, the cadets and listeners attracted for training groups such as, practical sport of fire safety, hand-to-hand fight, football, athletics, shooting from military weapons, chess, judo, wrestling, table tennis, arm wrestling.


For instance, the scientist of institute M.Usmonov awarded golden medal from Worldwide Intellectual Properties organization (Switzerland, Geneva) in 2015 for the invention of “rescuing the heat stream”.

In present days, the scientists of institute work out the 15 regulations and realized in practice.

For instance, monographs  “fire-retardants: synthesis, property and usage”, “oligomer fire-retardants for modifying the polymer and textile fibre”, “modifying fire-retardants textile fibres and materials”, “the influence of thermal effect for bordered constructions: new technologies of examination of fire place and heat protection” monographs published.


  • “Rescuing the thermal stream, and the equipment for protecting the operator of fire hose barrel”. Patent №003013. Europe Asian organization of patent, patent №HK 1044300. The country of Hong Kong, patent №2.368.803 the patent organization of Canada, Patent №149072. The Democratic Republic of China, patent №1181955. The patent organization of Europe;
  • “The methods of rescuing the heat stream and the equipment of protecting the fire hose barrel”. Patent №IAP 02162;
  • “The method of rescue the energy stream in form of light, heat and convective gas stream and equipment for gun carriage for creating the protective screens” Патент №2182024. Russian Federation;
  • “The press-composition for making plates of hard combustible wood chips” Patent IAP 05084, Patent IAP 20110343. The Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • “The method of giving the extinguishing materials”. Patent IAP 04479
  • “The compositions for increasing the fire resistance and the method of making”. Patent IAP 20120397. The Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • “The press-composition for making the plates of hard combustible materials”. Patent IAP 20110343. The Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • The modification universal polymeric glue. Patent IDP 20010114;
  • Distiller. To effective model. Patent FAP 20110054. The Republic of Uzbekistan.


Sub departments:

  • Fire safety in technological processes
  • The fire extinguishing tactics
  • The fire extinguishing techniques
  • Fire safety in construction
  • Professional leading and law
  • Physical and military training
  • General scientific subjects
  • General professional subjects
  • The humanities and social economical subjects


  • Re-training and upgrading courses
  • The fundamental and practical research center on the problems of fire safety
  • Information-resource center


  • Human resource department
  • The organization of educational process and coordination
  • The group of international relations
  • The department for developing the activities of scientific research and editorial publishing
  • The department of Informational communicative technologies
  • Combatant service of educational courses
  • Educational fire safety unit
  • Financial and support service